Elite & Advanced
Level Training Camps


If you are motivated to transition your surfing as WQS or a free surfer, JWC has designed the right coaching concepts for you.  

Justin West with 20 years surf coaching experience also draws from his background & education in other professional sports.  JWC coaching strategy unifies technical surfing, physical training & competition tactics.

Currently Justin West is working with professional Portuguese ranked surfer Leonor Fragoso on her first full year on the WQS.  

Other athletes have included pro surfers Miguel Mouzinho, Joackim Guichard and U16/U14 regional champ Michael Conlan.

The environment is ideal to focus fully on surfing, training and nutrition.  We have 5 main peaks a mixture of long rights, punchy lefts and a world class left hander simlar to Cloudbreak. Justin West Coacing has chosen this location because of its uncrowded high performance wave options. Full video analysis facility and projector system.

Join us for elite | advanced level training camps at Madagascar Surf Resort.



Guided by the coach you will learn:

• Competition strategy

• Correct physical training specific to you

• WQS Strategy & logistics

• How to analyse video to help others improve their surfing

• Managing fear pushing boundaries

• How to clearly identify & implement technique changes


Whats included:

• At least fours hours of coaching per day

• Boat transport to the best waves of the day

• Video analysis sessions

• Competition & heat video analysis

• Physical training sessions

• All your meals, carefully pepared fresh meals

• Boat transfer to/from Tulear


Intermediate can mean anything from a few weeks, to a few decades of surfing experience.  

Surfing improvement requires perfecting each progressive step and after an initial assessment we learn immediately where to focus your first session with us.  

At an entry intermediate level you should be able to comfortably stand on a surfboard, focus on catching unbroken or green waves, visualise specific wave selection, have a basic understanding of etiquette and know how to confidently and safely deal with your surfboard in critical situations. 

However, at this level you may need in water assistance with paddling out, positioning, wave selection and a coach giving you greater confidence on the peak in more critical conditions.

Later intermediate surfers can consistently catch head high waves without assistance, are able to generate speed and commit to turns on the open wave face .

At this stage most of the coaching utilises a video camera, interval feedback sessions and class room analysis and surfing theory sessions using our projector.  Video analysis allows you to see what you are doing on the wave, measure improvements and visualise your body dynamics through manoeuvres.

The surf 

We have 5 surf spots exclusivly for our lodge guests and suitable to your level.  Each surf spot works with slightly different conditions giving us a wide range of learning opportunities.


      What you will learn:

      • Paddling technique; endurance & power

      • Ocean knowledge & surf forecasting/prediction

      • Surf spot analysis & wave prediction

      • Efficient, agile stand up technique

      • Compression

      • Line ups, positioning, priorities, rules & etiquette

      • Generating speed, drawing different lines in different conditions

      • Dropping the wave; angle take offs, bottom turns, mid face turns

      • Trimming, re-entry to bottom turns, vertical top turns and cut backs


      What's included:

      • Boat transport each day to the best surf spot for this program

      • Video analysis sessions to help you visualise technique issues

      • Sessions directed by a pro surf coach

      • All your healthy meals prepared by our chef

      • Boat transfer to/from Tulear


      • Pre surf trip online physical training plan


      Your Coach


      After managing and coaching for several surf schools in the Algarve, Cornwall & Africa Justin West (JWC) decided that he could offer more to his clients.  Specialising in coaching intermediate to elite level WQS athletes, JWC uses coaching techniques borrowed from a multiple of sports such as mixed martial arts.    

      Team JWC believe surfer progression is best achieved:

      • in small exclusive groups
      • maximum 4 surfers per coach
      • using expert knowledge of local surf spots
      • providing individual focus
      • clear learning objectives
      • using video analysis techniques 
      • experienced & qualified coaching
      • implementing strategies with feedback
      • individual physical drills to promote muscle memory  
      "Surf schools are great teaching beginners, in large fun groups on popular beaches, but if you wish to progress you need specialist qualified coaching using the latest video analysis techniques, replace ambiguous surf lingo with clear, concise, systemised coaching, including surfing theory and etiquette."